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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Draenic Wind Serpent

Ever wish your clothie looked like a druid?  Now you can with this transmog set built around Embrace of the Wind Serpent, an epic drop from the Sunken Temple.  The inspiration for this set actually was the bracers, the Goldenvine Wraps, that I got as a quest reward when I was farming the Slave Pens for something else.

Conjurer's Hood Green BOE.  There are several other BOE's you could substitute here--check the Wowhead link.
Embrace of the Wind Serpent Drops in the Sunken Temple off the Shade of Hakkar.  Very low drop rate--expect to spend a lot of time farming that robe.
Ivycloth Mantle Green BOE
Feralfen Sash Green BOE
Goldenvine Wraps Quest reward from the Slave Pens.  Don't worry if you completed this quest when Burning Crusade was new and no longer have the bracers.  The quest has been reset and the quest giver is now at the dungeon entrance.
Heavy Linen Gloves Crafted by tailors.
Vinerot Sandals Drops in Maraudon
Draenic Wildstaff Drops in Auchenai Crypts.  This staff has a eye-catcing blooming flower animation.  There is a druid-specific quest reward with the same model.

Details here.

Alternate version using pieces from the green BOE Mistyreed set.

Mistyreed Shoulderpads
Mistyreed Bracers  This has the same model as the Goldenvine Wraps, but in a different coloration.
Mistyreed Gloves
Mistyreed Belt  Chloromesh Girdle (drop from Maraudon) has the same model and coloring.

Details here.

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