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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hero's Acumen

Unfortunately, the Robes of Acumen are no longer obtainable.  I still have mine from a Maraudon run way back in Vanilla WOW.

Heroes' Shoulderpads of Faith Priest Tier 7.  Token Spaulders of the Lost Conqueror drops in Naxx 10.
Acumen Robes No longer available.  Used to be a quest reward from Maraudon.
Chillbane Belt Drops in Hour of Twilight.
Mystical Gloves Green BOE
Kurkenstoks Alliance-only quest reward on Azuremyst Isle.
Surgeon's Needle Dagger drops in heroic Pit of Saron.
Manual of the Nethermancer Drops in The Mechanar.  (Book of Blood and Stormbound Tome--both made by incription--have the same appearance.)

Alternate versions

Runecloth Shoulders Made by Tailors
Rod of the Sun King Mace drops in The Eye

Staff of Dominance Staff drops in Molten Core

All details here.


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  2. I love this outfit. I love the deep purple of the dress--too bad it's not available anymore. There are a lot of recolors, but the contrast on this one is more appealing than the others. Thanks for sharing! :D